Thank you for supporting the Charlotte Apple Computer Club! As a member in good standing, you are eligible for several club benefits.

Members’ Only Discounts

It is great to save money: the more you save, the more Mac stuff you can buy! Knowing that, we search MUG resources to bring great discounts to you.

Disc and Hard Drive Recycling

Committed to improving your environmental footprint and looking for a responsible way to dispose of your old CDs, DVDs, and hard drives? CACC provides members a complimentary disc and disk recycling service. Simply bring your old CDs, DVDs, and hard drives to any CACC event and give them to us. We’ll take care of recycling them for you.

Please note that if you’re bringing a hard disk containing sensitive information, you should format the drive or otherwise destroy the data. If you’re bringing a CD or DVD that contains sensitive information, consider scratching the disc surface.

Why not just throw discs and disks in the trash? Consider these facts:
CD/DVD Recycling Facts
  • A cd/dvd is considered a class 7 recyclable plastic
  • To manufacture a pound of plastic (30 CDs per pound), it requires 300 cubic feet of natural gas, 2 cups of crude oil and 24 gallons of water
  • It is estimated that AOL alone has distributed more than 2 billion CDs. That is the natural gas equivalent of heating 200,000 homes for 1 year
  • It is estimated that it will take over 1 million years for a CD to completely decompose in a landfill

Hard Drive Recycling Facts
  • Each hard drive contains over one pound of recyclable aluminum
  • Recycling one hard drive saves enough energy to:
    • light a 100 watt bulb for 134 hours, or
    • run your television for 102 hours or
    • the energy equivalent of 1.5 gallons of gasoline
  • Recycling aluminum is 95% more energy efficient than producing aluminum from ore
  • Recycling aluminum results in 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution than producing aluminum from ore

Eligibility for Club Raffles

Free stuff is cool! Come to a meeting or event and you might just win something. All raffles are free to our members. We might ask to take your photo if you win, but sometimes we give away neat prizes.

Eligibility to contribute to the Club as a member of the Board of Directors

Within every person, there is a leader. And within every Mac user, there are great ideas that can help a MUG. If you would like to commit your ideas and some energy to the Club for a year, consider contributing as an Officer or member of the Board of Directors. Elections are held each April. For additional information, contact a current Board member or ask at a meeting. Sharing your feedback helps make us a success!

Free advertising at for your freelance, contract, or other small business

Finally – something in life that is free! Well, free with a membership. If you own a small business, do some consulting or freelancing, or just have a neat little something you do on the side, you can place your ad with us. As part of your membership, we will advertise for you on the Club’s site. Link to your own site, or just link to an e-mail address – it’s your choice.